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Dear all

I had just shifted my blog over to continue to visit me over there. Thank you.




Little Missy turned 5…

My Little Missy turned 5 this Monday. We start off the celebration on Saturday to Fidgets. The kiddos have fun there and are totally tired by the end of 1.5hrs. Sent the kids home and Hubby and me went to Junction 8 to shop for Little Missy’s Birthday gift. We basically walked a few rounds and decided on an iPad. Yes, it’s silly to get such an expensive gift for a 5 years old, but we felt it’s something she can share with the brother and sister and something that they will use and not becoming a white elephant. It’s also something that me and Hubby will use also, so quite worth it I would feel.

We basically spend Sunday at home and collecting the cupcakes and cake from Cupcake Momma.

On the Actual day, we did the first celebration at her school. The whole school sang birthday song for her in the Scantary and we went back to the classroom for the celebration. The kids have fun and Little Missy was trilled.
We brought the kids to NEX after school and the Daddy brought the girls to the Virtual Land to play while me and my mom went shopping with Little Zac. We have a little cake caking session in the evening at home.

We were glad that Little Missy enjoyed her birthday.

Altered Letters

Recently, our office had held a Charity Event to raise fund for the Japan’s misfortune.
A few crafters in our company contribute by putting up crafts for sales and all proceeds are donated to the Japan Red Cross Society.
Me contribute by doing up some Altered Letters, notebooks and cards.
Here’s are some pictures of the stuffs I did.

Bought a 7G artist printer tray and I’m going to start work on that soon.. 🙂 will post up once it’s done. Thanks for looking. 🙂

1st post in 2011

Gosh.. it had been such a long while since I last posted here.
Life had been busy.. with work and the little online store…
The little online store is doing good.. thanks for all the regular customers and supporters. I will be fully launching the store with my own domain on Little Missy’s Birthday in this month.
Do support me at 🙂

Little Zachary had turned 2! Had a few days of celebration with him and the family. We went to a few places including the Zoo. This little one is more vocal now and really has a mind of his own.. He can be  real stubborn at times…

Some pixs of us..

We are changing school for Little Missy next term. Reason due to her current Kindergarten is going to renovate next year and that they have not found a place to relocate. Hopefully Little Missy is able to adapt to the new school.

Big Missy’s school work had improved a lot. All thanks to her tutor, Mr Lam. He gave her the confident in doing her Maths sums and I can really see the improvement. Hopefully she will do well in her SA1 this round.

I shall post again soon.. will update some scrapping photos also. Stay tuned.


Hubby n I viewed a Toyota Wish last evening. It was very nice with full bodykit done up. Interior is maintained very well also… So we signed the papers…
However, though excited about getting the new car at first…. After signing the papers, the excitement is gone… Instead I feel kinda weary… Don’t know why this feeling though… Anyway just hope that the loan n insurance will go through n we can collect our new ride soon.

1st post at here

Hello, my first post in this URL. 🙂
Decided to save some bucks and ended since I’m just using the domain and webhosting for my blog only. Decided to shift the whole blog over to this free site and make full use of the webhosting for something else that can generate some benefits to me. Something’s cooking.. kekeke… will reveal more when more stuffs are firm.

Some updates on myself and family.
I myself started a small online store selling some ladies fashion stuffs and kids stuffs. It’s actually in facebook and at a blog. Things are going smoothly and I really thanked all those who had given me support to this venture. Link is at the right side of this blog “Another part of me”. 🙂 I’m still working full time and this is just my part time venture. Don’t mistaken that I had quit my job for this venture. I still need this stable rice bowl.. kekeke

Family wise, everyone is more or less the same… Hubby was thinking of changing car… from our faithful Nissan Sunny to Toyota Wish. Now we are at the midst of looking for cars (2nd hand ones… 1st hand are soooo expensive nowadays).

Started Big Missy with private tution as her results is really falling. Tutor said that her maths is very weak and need to improve on this. Hopefully with his guidance, she will be able to pass her SA2. God Bless her.

Little Missy has grown up.. People are actually asking us if she is going to be P1 next year. Gosh.. she is going to be in K1 next year only.. hahahaha… Recently she is very girlish… keep wanting to wear dresses, so we bought 5 dresses for her 2 weeks ago. She was trilled!

Last but not least, my little Man… he’s 19 months old now. Time flies isn’t it… He is more vocal now, can express himself better… He loves to call me Mommee, and imidate us calling Big Missy – “Gal” and Little Missy – “mei mei” LOL.
Very mischievious, active and had a strong mind of his own. Love him to bits.

Ok.. will try to upload photos here and promise to find time and blog more regularly. Sorry that I had neglected my blog for soooo long… Ciaoz…

Been a long long time

Sorry peeps! Been a long time since I update my blog here. Life had been busy, with work, family, etc…

The family went for a holiday at Hong Kong during the 2nd week of the school holiday. It was tiring but fun. Not easy with a 1yo around but luckily he slept throughout the flight to n fro.

I got to go now… He is screaming for attention. Will update again with pictures.


Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day to all mommies in the world! Especially to my mom and grandma.
Got a small gift from V. So touched…
I hope you mommies have enjoy your day.



My little boy is down with a chest infection yesterday… My mother brought him to the GP thinking it was a normal cold but the GP advised us to send him to the hospital cos he is getting breathless. Mum called me immediately and I rushed home from work.

However I decided to call up zacs PD for an opinion. He asked us to go down to his clinic and he assessed Zac. Zac was put on the nebuliser and was feeling much better after that. The PD said it was not necessary to admit him unless we do not know how to use the nebuliser on him. Luckily it was easy to use and Rachel lent us her nebuliser.
Need to neb him for 5 days. Today is the 2nd day and we can feel this little boy of ours is feeling very much better. He can walk around , play, talk, sleep and eat well. God blessed.

A brand new week

Opps. I still owe you the photos. Still no photo yet.. Maybe later part of the day if I can find time out to upload them.
Still writing my blog with the iPhone… Find it a good way to blog while Im travelling… Save time also… However I need to find out how to post with photos with this app.

Weekend was good… Went to upper pierce reservior for some photo taking… Took the photo for my may page. 🙂

Little z is walking a lot now… This little boy keep wanting to eat and he will express himself buy saying eat, eat,
The only one which doesnt speak baby language…